Preparation For A Lifestyle Change…Wheels Up!

preparationIt was only twelve weeks ago that I was back in NC and hoping for the best. Crazy how time flies by and the next thing you know, its back in the saddle! Okay, maybe for me it’s back in the jumpseat! Either way, I am so darn stinkin’ excited that my time has finally come around again ūüôā There has been a calmness about this time around. I am not so sure what it is. Maybe because I am not in bad health or that I have been down this road before. Whatever it is, I feel pretty super awesome at this point. Everything seems to just be flowing so smoothly even when I feel like I am overwhelmed.

Trying to pack has been a bit funny this week. I meticulously rolled all of my clothing in military fashion just as my son taught me to do. I was so proud of my accomplishment! I actually had to refrain from posting a photo of it on Facebook….gaaaah!! What have I become? Hahahaha. All was well and then my friend Liane showed up with a George Foreman for me to take with me. I had asked to borrow this fine little grilling machine but then I got so excited packing, I forgot to allow room for it. We have to find very creative ways to prepare our meals there because if you eat out each day, you will not only get sick of it but its almost impossible to do with our schedule. So, today I had to get creative with my packing. Oh, don’t get me wrong…there is a prevelige that we have¬†going to training. We are allowed so many bags but my goal was to not bring so much with me. I do have to fly back home with my crew member luggage so you do the math ūüėČ After staring, shifting clothes around, keeping in mind the weight of the luggage, ¬†I finally got it all organized. Success with the packing….woooohoooo!!

Preparing for training is a lot of work that many people do not realize. There is a standard for this which includes our clothing, hair, makeup,¬†accessories and shoes. The topic of shoes with flight attendants is a hot one…it should really have its¬†own blog!¬†Hahaha¬†At the beginning you think ‘What have I gotten myself into’ but as you go along you really feel a since of proudness about yourself. To have come this far in such a highly competitive atmosphere is not one that is easy. Taking the time to carefully put every single outfit together for each day of training is vital for you are watched from every angle. You are really striving for an almost perfect and flawless appearance. Personally, I find it to be super exciting!! I am a girl who loves her makeup and feeling pretty but this is more than feeling pretty to me. It really is about making my kids proud of mom, being a great asset to the¬†airline industry, touching peoples lives¬†no matter how brief, going after my dream¬†and doing¬†something that brings me happiness. This is a total life change!

Many times today I thought how blessed I was to have this opportunity and what it means for me and my family. It is really a big lifestyle change and one that until after a certain time, your life is put on hold due to not knowing where your base assignment is going to be. It¬† takes a certain type of mentality to be able to handle that but that is where you lean on your new ‘family’. These are the ones who are right there beside of you, been before you and those who know it so well from their own experiences. The kids are super supportive and they don’t really care where I am based….lol. They just know they can fly at no cost so the wheels are turning for them (and I cant blame them)! It will be exciting to take them on their first ever trip, anywhere they would like¬†to go (within reason)¬†by plane. What an awesome gift to give your kids! The larger trips are being saved for vacation times but the main goal is to get acclimated to the lifestyle first before we venture off to the destinations that have been discussed. It will definitely be something for the kids to journal about and keep in their memories for a long time.

Along with this newly formed path come a group of friends who are headed in the same direction I am. What a funny, supportive and ridiculously compatable group of diverse individuals we have become. We have discussed shoes out the wazzzooooo! Clothing, study groups, grocery shopping together, going to church together if anyone chooses to do so and we also have organized a workout for each morning! Oh yeah, I will be having salon time set up with those who need it because after 23 days…someone¬†color is going to need a touch up! One of our lovely¬†collegues is bringing her¬†Espresso machine, one is bringing a big 3 gallon cooler so we can make sweet tea for our class and so many more acts of kindness. We are all¬†in this together (and now the High School Musical theme song is stuck in my head).¬†Such excitement moving forward to Sunday! It will be a grand time to finally meet face to face, have dinner together and then just enjoy the journey that lies ahead! Stay tuned for more fun, exciting times ahead!

Love, Hugs & Smiles


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