In-Flight Training, Day 1

11946539-day-1Today started off beautifully with going to church with my girls and then afterwards, we headed off to the airport. They had never been inside so they got to go with me and check my bags in and see me to the security gate. I got hugs and kisses as well as a few ‘gosh mom’ eye rolling gestures as well 😉

My flight from Raleigh to Washington was an experience. Once we landed, I had to deplane, walk on the ramp to a shuttle bus to one gate, hop on another shuttle bus to take me to another gate. Madness with all that hoping on/hoping off but it was getting me where I needed to go so I tried to keep my thoughts positive. I was almost late for my flight to Indiana. Our plane was late landing and then all that shuttling around…..I was just glad to get on the plane and not be late.

Arrival to Indiana was nice except for the storm we landed in. It felt more like a hurricane and we had some rough turbulence. No joke, that shook me up a bit but I didn’t let it show. I met many other trainees right away. You could tell because we were all dressed the same…lol. I felt proud to know my way around the Indy airport and know the routine. It was so comfortable being back! It was pouring rain and the wind was howling like crazy!! They closed the ramp so we had to wait a long time to get our luggage. When it finally arrived, my bags were soaked…and so were my items in them. 😦

Upon waiting for the shuttle to bring us all to the hotel, I FINALLY ran into (by accident) my wonderful friend I met months ago! I called her name and she knew right away it was me. We hugged, screamed like little girls and then hugged some more. Our friendship is one that I cherish so seeing her face to face for the first time was simply the highlight of my day!!

Getting settled has been fun, exciting and exhausting at the same time. Oh yeah, that soaked luggage I told you about? That was my first task upon getting settled…to dry them! It was by far the best one dollar I have spent in a long time….hahahaha!! I met all the ones from our group that we formed on Facebook and each of our personalities fits us perfectly! They are funny and just as excited to be here as well. I am so glad to have made a bond with these folks. We all helped each other get checked in and then we gathered for dinner. We added many others to our group for dinner as well. Right away, we have all become a bit closer. I met my roommate briefly in the hallway. She was coming, I was going….lol. When I got back from picking up the groceries, she was fast asleep. Something I need to be doing at this moment.

It is emotional for me to be here again. As I have told you before, I can’t begin to explain it. I think about my three kids with each decision I make here. I only want what is best for them. I made myself a promise and although I choose not to share that publicly, I know that they are the reason I push so hard. I brought their photos to keep beside my bed so I feel a little bit of home here.

Tomorrow will be a long day. I picked up a large bag of mints and some goodies that I will share with my class. I remember my first day here. It was a little nerve-racking so I am hoping to bring some extra cheer to the class as we engage on weeks of dedication and hard work. For now, I must say goodnight 😉

Love, Hugs & Kisses


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