In-Flight Training, Day 2

Day2Oh boy…where do I even begin? Today was the first day of class!! They say we are the largest class to come through. I find that exciting! Everyone of my classmates are just super nice people. Warm smiles, charming personalities and not to mention we are a good-looking bunch!!

My day started at 5:15 this morning…simply because I could not sleep. I got ready and made sure I was in total compliance. My hair, my makeup, jewelry, business suit, shoes…it all has to be representing a pride in our appearance. No matter where I go, no matter what day it is, I now have to be the “brand” of what a flight attendant is. People will always be watching me to see how I represent the most competitive and rewarding industry there is 🙂 I plan to do this and do it well.

The day was long but yet it was so much fun seeing all the instructors again and walking back into the training center. I was feeling right at home!! I have made so many friends here and I can’t say enough how nice they are.  I scored a 100 on my first exam so that was a perfect way to start off the week! Everyone here is focused on one thing and that is getting our wings 🙂

After a very long day in class, we took a shuttle back from training. I have made some great bonds of friendships here. One of my friends whom I made a bond with before I come to training even let me  take her car and go to the store. That makes me feel good and shows that we have made a bond of trust. Yesterday it was a run to Wal-Mart, tonight it was a run out to the Kroger supermarket and then a White Castle burger. I had never been to a White Castle before. I have only seen the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle….hahahaha. These moments when we can have some downtime is really nice so I try to take advantage of this as much as possible.

Some of the younger girls today told me I was like the ‘momma’ of the group. I found that to be funny because last night at Wal-Mart, the cashier wanted to know if all of the young ladies who were with me were my daughters… I think I would have been better off if she had of  asked if we were all sisters! Ahhh, it was funny either way and the cashier meant no harm. I think she was just glad we were entertaining her.

Speaking of entertaining, I think my accent is the most entertaining thing here. I am proud to be southern and be who I am. They all make me feel so welcome with their warm personalities. I am enjoying getting to know all of these people. We all work so hard daily and put forth such great effort to be here. It is so amazing to see so much dedication in one room. I look around at who is in my class and I see people who are like family, people who have made sacrifices to be here and who are one day going to be the very person who may just be along side of me in a safety situation. I want to know that we have a good bond from the beginning.

Tomorrow is another day here and I am tired. I wanted to work out today but I just did not make it. Our group had good intentions to do so but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to add that in this evening.  My body has not done this much going since I had been sick and recovering. It is good for me and this week we start a workout schedule. THAT will be much fun!!!

At the end of this day, I am thankful to God for all He has provided for me. Not just in this new career path, but in my heart, my mind and for the grace that is enough for me. He has carried me this far and I will continue to lean on Him daily.

Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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