In-Flight Training, Day 3

day3Seriously, have you hugged a flight attendant lately?? What another long day today. As I sit here and write today’s blog, I am also assisting some classmates with their studies on tomorrow’s exam. Yes, I will be doing some studying as well but it is mostly a review for me. I was not aware I would be doing this but my roommate had invited some others to our room to study together. I totally don’t mind because I hear them asking and then I just randomly shout out the answer to help them….hahaha. Besides, I am more than comfy in my pajamas, Coldplay playing in one ear, writing this blog and watching it storm outside. This is multitasking at its best šŸ˜‰

Each day, I begin to grow closer and closer to my classmates. I find something beautiful and intriguing about each of them. They all are such gentle, kind-heartedĀ and very lovely people. Today we had to stand before our class and tell something interesting about ourselves or a hobby. It was fun to learn these little tidĀ bits of information about my co-workers. I am truly in some amazing company with some very interesting backgrounds which are pretty darn impressive!!! I’m just a simple gal from North Carolina with a big oleĀ heart…nothing special but I guarantee them that once they meet me, they wont forget me….especially my accent! Hahaha

This morning on the way out to class, I seen the guy here at the hotel who took me to the hospital when I was here. He recognized me, come over and gave me a big ole hug! He said I sure looked much better than I did the last time he seen me…lol. Poor guy, he really was a big help getting me to the hospital and then picking me up when my stay was over the last time I was here. Such nice, warm and welcoming folks here!!

Class was good today. I enjoy the moments when we are up and active. I am not that great at sitting still and we are doing a lot of that the first few days. So much knowledge to be absorbed but I will say how proud I am that I have retained so much. I do get asked a lot of questions by other classmates and I don’t mind answering them but Lord I reckon, Ā I do feelĀ that if something doesn’t go right…then it comes back on me. I put out a disclaimer with each answer….haha. I tell them all not to worry because it wont be long and some of this material will be as new to me as it will be to them. I do love seeing their passion to learn and be successful.

So after my long day was done, I had dinner with my other twin sister who lives in Texas and is also my co-worker. We met for the first time, face to face, this past Sunday and she is such a wonderful person! I feel so distracted though with my schedule and her flight schedule. It is hard to focus on the things we want to talk about when we both have so much going on. We had a good dinner at Cracker Barrel and it was soooo yummy! I felt a bit rushed because I needed to get back and settle in for the evening. We will make plans to eat again soon but the good thing is she is just across the street so we will meet up again soon. I am thankful for meeting Amy for she has been a wonderful, loving and caring friend in my life. People from Texas really are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

I did get to talk to the kids tonight. I had to have a little cry after I hung up the phone because I miss them all soooo much!! Ā It helps me to have their photos here with me. I keep them posted beside my bed so I can kiss them goodnight. Well, not an actual kiss to the photo because that is weird but I do blow them a kiss and say a prayer for them. They are my world and I am here for them…its all for them.

Tomorrow is another big exam. I am a bit relaxed about it but I am not overly confident by any means. I just hope that no one in my class has to do a retake and we all pass with. Through the entire process, you are only allowed two retakes on any test. It reminds me of a video game where you are only allowed two lifelines so you better have your game on or you are out. No pressure…right?? I do wish every one of my classmates the best šŸ™‚

I think my time here sharing is done now. My roomieĀ just brought me a Smores! I was so unaware they make them prepackaged. It taste like a moon pie! Hahahaha. Now all I need is an RC Cola! Until tomorrow…….

Love, Hugs & Smiles šŸ™‚


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