In-Flight Training, Day 4

d4Another day has come to a quiet moment with me sitting here sharing with you my thoughts for the day. It has been a great day to say the least. We were able to sleep in this morning and get a bit of rest. I enjoyed the mid-morning by sitting outside, getting some fresh air and just meditating on life, being here again and talking to God in my own little way. Something happened on my way back in from being on the patio. I was stopped by a young lady who is in my training class. I will just call her Ms, K ( I don’t like to use people’s names unless I have asked them and well, she is probably asleep by now). She said to me, ‘Oh!! There is Ms. Christian!! I enjoy seeing you because you always have a smile on your face, you are always so happy!! Not only do you have the name Christian, but I can see you have a Christian heart too!!”. I was so caught off guard by her words that of course, all I could do was smile that much bigger. It made me feel good. I have been working on my life, how I see things, do things, what others see in me, etc…and to know that someone notices that in me is simply awesome. I went to the restroom in the lobby after that brief meeting and it was there that I could really look myself in the mirror for the first time and see the truly happy woman who God wants me to be. It was as if I had made a discovery and well, I guess I did. I knew she was in there somewhere but life’s circumstances had tucked her away for a while. Maybe not all of her but on the surface to the outside world, I was a happy person. On the inside, when I was digging deep into who I was, I could only see pain. Today, June 26, 2013 I seen a person who has been set free from all of that pain and is moving onto a life that I know God has planned for me. How can anyone know me, know my story, know my pain, hurt, circumstances and not see that God is in control with my life. He does such amazing things and even with those who think they don’t deserve it!! It is the true beauty of growing closer to God. I thought that this mid-morning experience really set the tone for the rest of my day! So I thank Ms K for her kind words 🙂

When I arrived at class today I asked my instructor could I please say a prayer before my exam. If we are caught with the appearance of sleeping, we will be either written up or sent home. I did not want that to happen so I asked may I have this opportunity. It was granted to me with a smile and a ‘Thank you for asking and yes you may! Just swing your chair around so I know that you are doing that and when done, swing back around”. It was as simple as that. I was glad. After the exam, the entire class passed that exam. We are the only class to come through, so far that has passed these exams with no retakes. I told them I had prayed for them and they were all glad I did…hahaha. It was great to see everyone so relieved that they did so well! They told us that this class was a very smart class and one of the most professional they have seen. Not to mention we are the largest class to date.

As the day grew long, we had a fun time. During lunch I brought my special cutting knife and I shared my fresh tomato with many others. We are like one big family here, sharing food, helping each other and so on. I am so glad to be here, be part of a good environment. It makes the days so much easier. In the coming days, the hours will get longer and the days will get more intense along with the training. This is not for the faint at heart that is for sure. You have to have a strong mentality to hang in there. I do have one friend whom is 17 years younger than I. We have decided that we should not be left alone because all we can do is constantly laugh all the time. Yes, we are serious when we need to be…we know our boundaries but we do have a fun time during these moments of stress…lol. I am so glad to have met so many of them before training and now that we have all formed a bond together, we are leaning on each other for support. It is how it should be!

Training is hard on you emotionally, mentally and it takes a lot of you. Every day we are moving at a fast pace and you have to be able to retain the information that is given to you. I don’t think the material is hard at all….there is just a lot of it. You have to stay focused and not let things get in the way. I know we all miss someone we love dearly. Its the little things that keep us going such as my photos of the kids I keep beside the bed. I am so happy to be able to offer them a wonderful experience to travel the world. I cant wait to take them somewhere! God knows I miss them badly!!!!

Well, my night is coming to a very sleepy time.  My roomie is just super cool and I am glad she is! We share our food as well. I told her I have kids so I am use to sharing and I don’t mind. We are sharing a living quarters for the next 20 plus days! The best part about the room are these beds! They are just ridiculously comfortable. I have to fight myself to make myself get out of it and get to class….hahaha. Tomorrow is a very long day…like a 13 hour day so my blog for tomorrow may be a little bit short…lol. Thank you all for the continued support and it is greatly appreciated!! I want to leave you with this quote from Billy Graham that really reflected on my thoughts from earlier today when the young lady told me what she can see in me just by being around me. I thought it to be a pretty powerful statement.

“Only God who made us can touch us and change us and save us from ourselves.” ~ Billy Graham.

Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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