In Flight Training, Day 5

d5It is another day gone by with training and what a fun day this has been. I said I would keep this blog short because it has been some really late nights coming in from class and well, I need sleep!! This bed is like sleeping on marshmallows!! It is so comfy and each night it just hugs me like it has missed me so much….hahaha

The days are long here though. It is A LOT of information and it is go, go, go. I just don’t care much for the sitting down and being still parts. Those seem to make me get sleepy but you don’t dare nod off or appear to be. That is just barking up the wrong tree as we say here in the south. In other words….you either get sent home or you are written up. I try to keep water at my desk, life savers candy, shake my foot, shift around…anything I can do during those moments of feeling tired.  I don’t mind being up and busy but it’s just the sitting still that gets to me. I am sure that is coming to an end soon. I like doing all the hands on drills, interaction and such. It makes the time go by so much faster. I am a visual learner so for me, show me one time and I got it. Ok…maybe show me twice and I got it…LOL.

I did a safety demo today and that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing everyone else do it as well. We all helped each other, cheered each other on and just really encouraged each other for a practice well done. I do like all of my classmates. Yeah, I know I say that every single day but it is the truth. There is such unity here…I cant really explain it to you. It would be something you have to experience yourself. I am so blessed to be’s as simple as that.

I do need to get some rest so I think this is my shortest blog ever. You better mark it on the wall because it may not happen again…hahaha. Tomorrow will be my day to do laundry and then another long and late evening class. I am looking forward to my day off so that I can relax and hopefully sit outside and get some sunshine. I sure do miss the pool at my house!! My daddy always has told me that in order to get something, you have to give up something. He is a wise man!

For now, I must get that rest I was talking about. I will update tomorrow night. Miss all of my friends and family. You guys are the best!

Love, Hugs & Smiles


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