Inflight Training, Day 6

untitledWeek one is almost done. Just one more day and it will be completed. The days are just plain long…and draining. I know it all has to be done to get to where I want to be but good Lord…sometimes I just wish we could at least have class outside. Our classroom has no windows so every chance I have to go outside on our breaks, which are pretty frequent, I head for the door.

Today I received my official Crew Member ID badge. I can’t share the badge or what it looks like for security reasons but I am VERY proud of this beautiful item! I am so excited to get home and show my kids what Mom has done 🙂 I could not help myself but to cry when it was handed to me. It means a lot to me and I have to say…my photo didn’t turn out so shabby either!! Ha!

Flight Attendants go through an awful lot to make sure the safety of passengers are the highest priority. I really do not feel they have been given the respect and recognition they deserve. Yeah, I know you can see some out there that may be having a bad day or may be a little irritable and there is no excuse for that. We are to provide a service to make someone’s purpose of getting from point A to point B safely. You could never really begin to imagine how seriously I take this. I will view every passenger as if they are my family member and I want nothing but them to get to their destination safely and with care.

Our days are long. They have to be. I should not complain and it’s not really complaining but it is a bit hard to sit there for so many hours in a row. After some time, I feel myself as if I am going to shut down my brain and luckily, we get that break. I am learning to get use to this schedule though. It’s not so bad I guess once I start thinking of the rewards for doing this. I do know that how our schedule is tailored is to prepare for the lifestyle. I am a big girl…I can take it…lol.

My roommate is really nice. She is a west coast gal and I am an east coast, southern gal. We have learned to make the bathroom schedules, we share our food, I learn about her culture and she learns about mine. She is teaching me all about traveling through Death Valley, the city of Los Angeles and of course the lifestyle. I have learned much in life but when you have to share a hotel room with someone for 23 days, you learn to embrace a lot. It is great to have conversation with her for she is really intelligent to talk to and she is funny. I am glad I got a good roommate who is kind and respectful. I would be glad to fly with her any time we are out on the line.

The pizza arrived and while eating it at 11:30pm at night is a huge no-no, it sure was good. I didn’t order the meat or sauce. It only had feta cheese, mushrooms and olives on it. It was a great way to go since it was so late and I didn’t want all that heavy stuff on it. Funny…I still feel like I am a bum sitting here eating, typing, listening to music, working on study material…and all at once. It will be good for lunch tomorrow and I am sure I will share the rest with someone in class.

I guess I will go and get myself settled in for another day tomorrow. I am excited about finishing this training and getting out on the line. I have worked so hard to get here. Each day I tell myself what my daddy has always taught me….You have to give up something to get something. For now, I give up the lifestyle I have known for a long time to prepare me for a new lifestyle and new career. I am embracing this moment with grace, poise and a humbled heart.

Until tomorrow……

Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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