In Flight Training, Day 8

20130701-231424.jpgDay number 8. I am really exhausted. Today I took my big exam and passed. It was a good feeling! Soon after the results, we were back at the books again learning more material.

We are now in week two and there is still a lot of ground to cover. Many times you will find yourself getting sleepy in class so we have to stand up in the back of class for a little bit or we do what we can to not nod off. No matter how much sleep you get, sitting as much as we do right now and learning so much can just be exhausting.

We are now getting into the more hands on things and I am excited about that. My learning style is visual. Once I actually do it myself, I have it. Not sure why I retain info like that but I do. Today we watched a short film about a plane crash. It was so chilling and really hit home of how dangerous this job can be. It didn’t change my mind but it just drove it home a little harder.

I have come to know so many new people here. We are all tired as heck but we keep pushing on! The eyes are on the prize…right?! Tonight we had class until late so I made some Bison burgers for whoever wanted to come eat. I couldn’t help but giggle later on. We are all so tired that we just sit stoned face, slowly eating as if we are in total slow motion….hahaha. Bedtime is now and I am ready for a good nights sleep!

I will keep more updates coming but honestly, I just can’t seem to think. I have another exam in the morning. My brain is just blaaaaaah! Lol. I hope you have had a wonderful day and remember, give your next flight attendant a bit of appreciation or some words of encouragement. You may just make his or her day. Actually, I know you will 😉

Love, Hugs & Smiles


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