In Flight Training…Day Off :)

wzAhhhhh…Finally! Today was our day off and it was much-needed after a very long and stressful week. The material was coming faster than my brain could keep up with. We had class until really late last night so sleeping in was well deserved! We were in class when we learned of the crash in San Francisco. It was so sad and it hit really close to home. We had just finished watching crash video footage for the last two days. We never know when something can happen so being prepared the best way we have been trained is imperative. It made the day extra long in my opinion. Just the mental part of it all…..

I was glad to finally make it to today. We started by going to downtown Indy today. I felt like a little puppy dog hanging my head out the window, looking at all the tall buildings and taking in the sights. I was certainly enjoying the fresh air!! I did not attend church this morning and I have yet to get around to the podcast from my church but I will listen as soon as I get done with my blog. I did see some REALLY beautiful churches downtown. The architectural work is simply gorgeous. We ate lunch at some restaurant and forgive me but I have forgotten the name. It was super cool and it was super delicious. I LOVE trying new food! I enjoyed sitting in the open air, having a nice lunch with fun and good company. I have never had something like this before…collegues whom I could sit around with and talk aviation. It was enjoyable to say the least!

Once our lunch was done, we walked downtown to see the Canal district and to see many other interesting sights as well. If you know me, you know that it does not take much to entertain me. I enjoy just discovering new things, seeing new sights and meeting new people. The world is huge and there is so much we can learn from each other…rather how to do something or how not to do something. Either way, it’s all a learning experience and you never know when you could make a friend connection for life.

After our little stroll through downtown Indy, we made our way back toward the hotel but not before we stopped to get a manicure. It was well deserved as well and my nails were happy to have some TLC…..hahaha. When we were there, the lady noticed how we were all together and she asked if we were flight attendants. I couldn’t help but get a big grin and say, ‘Yes ma’am…we are here for training’. She just smiled back at me. I am sure she has seen a lot of us come through there lately.

The day was a fun day and I laughed so hard my stomach muscles literally hurt. The friends I have made here are hilarious and we just pick up on each others sense of humor and it just goes from there. It does the soul good to laugh like I did today. I spent time with friends, I talked to my parents, I texted with the kids (they like to text rather than talk…silly kids!) and was able to pick up my groceries for this week.

Tomorrow is the beginning of our last week here. It will be intense, it will be hard and it will require much more focus. I am praying that God will lead me and help us all get through this. It has been something that on some days takes its toll on you. At some moments, we miss our families and cry. Other times, we are just plain tired, ready to get back to our homes in a somewhat normal mode and ready to get this show on the road. It takes a lot out of you both mentally and physically to adjust to these weeks but the prize in the end is one of accomplishment. I am so thankful I am surrounded by friends and family back home who encourage me. It is so important to have that support!  Keep us all in your prayers as we embark on a long week ahead!!!

I hope your Sunday was as much fun as mine was today 🙂

Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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