When God loves you more…..

freeIt has been a while since I have posted anything in my blog. Life has been really busy for me but it is a good busy! So much has happened in my life that I have had to pray about what I wanted to blog about. I really thought I had the answer and as I sit here in the Gordon Biersch restaurant, my thoughts have changed again….lol. Clearly it is meant for me to touch on many aspects so here it goes…..

If anyone had of talked to me about my life changing the way it has these last few weeks, I would have claimed they were out of their mind! Back when I was sick and going through a really dark time of loneliness and searching God to show me what He wants for my life, I just held on each day with all my might. I knew that only He had the answers for me and often times I wasn’t so sure I even had the questions. All I knew was that I would continue to seek Him.

Moving along, I went back to In-flight Training, earned my wings but I gained so much greater while being there. I never believed in all those love stories from the movies but I have been living my own. The only difference is this is God’s love story…orchestrated by Him and not something someone wrote in a script out in Hollywood. There are no words to explain what transpired….I wish there was but there isn’t. The only way I can explain it to you is it was God talking to me, showing me His path and illuminating everything I had questioned, asked for and sought out for my life. The craziest thing about it…I was TOTALLY not expecting it!! This is what I think makes God so super cool!!  He truly delivered to me, on that Tuesday, a beautiful creation of His own. Someone who could see the beauty in me, who could connect with me on both a spiritual and emotional level. It was awesome, superb, fantabulous, exciting and the list of words I could just continuously roll out. I am very thankful for this blessing in my life and I am excited to watch it grow and grow into something that others will look at us and say, “WOW! I want a love like that…what is your secret?”. Then I can tell them that there is no secret…it is God’s love and it is something that you have to build a relationship on…the foundation of God and his commandments.

I don’t want to share so much because to us, it is our story to enjoy right now. It is our time to grow and embrace the love we both have found, to enjoy the journey!! For my closest friends, it has been fun telling them about it and hearing the love and support for it to continue to be nurtured. The girls are very supportive and are looking forward to a new direction in our lives as well.

Often we get so caught up in life that we do not take the time to pray and ask God to reveal to us what He wants. We are selfish like that sometimes but hey, it happens. We are only human. He provides when we least expect it and the events in my life have been pretty darn amazing. I know that not every day will be lollipops, rainbows and flowery fields but I do know that I have the love of Jesus Christ living in me! How the heck can you go wrong with that?? You cant!!! I am so blessed with a new addition to my career, a new start on life and after twenty years, I feel it is about time. I wanted so much so long ago but it just wasn’t God’s timing. He had to prepare me for what He has placed in my life. Like a seed that has been planted in the soil, you have to water it and watch it grow. Sometimes a storm comes along and beats it down, weathers it down, leaves it laid over….feeling week and unhopeful. Before you know it….things have changed again, the sun comes out, the plant is renewed and back up growing stronger than ever before. This is how we are with God. This is how I was.  We find redemption in those dark times, we find love and we find ourselves. From that, we learn to be a better person, to be the creation that God made, to be someone that has a testimony to the world.

I am that person. I have a great testimony to share with people and until recently, I was not sure how that would play out or how God would use me to share it. Now, I see how He will use me to share with others. He has given me someone in my life who encourages me, shares with me their own experiences and nurtures me in my relationship with God. It is the perfect match…made in heaven …literally!!!

My prayer for you is that you will read this blog and be encouraged to seek out God’s will for your own life. It may not come easy, it may be hard. You may have to go through some really hard times but so have I..so have all of us. The beauty of it all is that God was only preparing me for what He knew was going to be one of the greatest love stories ever shared and he is preparing you as well. Often you have to just experience things and hold them close to you because they are just that sacred to you. It isn’t always something you can put words to or even begin to explain but I assure you that you will know when God has given you what He wants you to have.

I hope this has given someone some encouragement today so please know that there is no greater love than that of Jesus Christ and the love of His father…its free, its amazing and its made for YOU! He loves you more than you could ever imagine so trust Him!! You can’t go wrong 🙂

Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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