Standing Strong

passionateHave you ever felt passionate about something? It is a great feeling to finally find something in your life that makes everything else fit right into place. So what if the very thing you felt so passionate about was not accepted by the ones you love, the ones whom you care about? What would you do? How would you react…or better yet, would you react? Standing your ground on something you feel so strongly about can be hard and especially when you face opposition from others.

Recently I have felt that opposition because I have made the choice to be baptized into the Mormon church. I never realized all the negativity that surrounds The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints until I discovered my own path and begun to speak of it openly. Making the decision to join the Mormon church is merely a symbolization of what I choose to stand for. Sort of like someone who joins a group such as the National Rifle Association for example. Gun owners stand up for their rights as a gun owner and defend their constitutional rights as an American Citizen. They are passionate about it and will defend that right with all they have. For me, I am in the same position right now (sort of). I feel very strongly about what God has done in my life, I have searched out my decision in prayer and I have will stand strong for my belief. Does that make me a bad person or someone who has fell off the wagon? Of course not but in some people’s eyes, they view me differently and that makes me sad although it doesn’t change my belief in how I choose to worship God nor does it change that I love them as a my friend, brother/sister in Christ.

Why does this happen is what I have asked myself. Naturally, I have always been the one who thinks outside of the box, a little left of center and sometimes just so far out there that no one seems to understand. Ironically enough, it is when I feel the strongest about my choices. Anyone who knows me and knows me well has seen me stand strong for the things I believe in. Just ask my kids how I am like a stubborn mule and refuse to budge when I feel that something is so right that nothing can detour me from what I believe. It isn’t that I want to be difficult nor does it mean I don’t know how to compromise (I can do that very well) but I wont have that mentality (it’s a waste of good energy). I do have that strong will to stand alone if that is what it takes which brings me to this. I don’t have to stand alone when I choose the way of Jesus Christ. No matter what happens, no matter what comes my way I do have the love and faith in God the father and His son, Jesus Christ who died for my sins, your sins and the worlds sins. No one has twisted my arm to be part of the Mormon church and unlike the stigma that surrounds the missionaries who go out and share the gospel, they truly have a humble heart, a genuine love for Christ and they only want to share that with you and let you know that God is your salvation and your way to the kingdom of heaven. Seriously…what is so wrong with that? Maybe you are not a believer and I know many who are not but who says there isn’t room out there in this big ole world of ours to share that?

The missionaries who are out there sharing the gospel are only a symbolization of the LDS church but who they are representing is God!! All other types of church organizations have missionaries and would you really know who they were if you didn’t read about them or someone didn’t point it out to you? Probably not but a missionary of the Mormon religion, can be easily spotted by the dress code. I think it is pretty cool if you ask me and if I asked you, would you be willing to go out and do what they do for their two-year mission? Probably not but if you were passionate about it then yeah, you would. Just like with my job with the airline. You know when you see me in my uniform that I am someone with knowledge whom you can approach and go to if you need something. I am the one who will guide you if you need assistance. I am also the one who is trained to save your life in the event of an emergency and give you instructions. If you choose to follow my instruction then you can be saved but if you choose not to do so then there is nothing more I can do for I have done what was asked of me. We all have a choice to listen and make a decision.  So ummm yeah, the missionaries are sort of like that too. They are in uniform so that you may notice them easily, approach them if you would like (they would think that is so awesome by the way) or they may approach you. They have knowledge of God’s plan for salvation to which they would like to share with you so that you may have eternal life in His kingdom. They have done their job, they have shared with you and then you have the freedom to choose what decision you will make for yourself. Sharing God’s word and Jesus love for us is something they are very passionate about. I know of the opposition I face now with just my decision to join the LDS church. I couldn’t imagine what the missionaries go through when someone shows them opposition but yet they stand strong, faithful and continue to do what God has called them to do. You can’t get more passionate than that!!

The bottom line is this….we are all passionate about something, believe in something so strong that we make sacrifices in our lives to stand up for that belief. I know where I have been in my life and what pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal and darkness looks like. I have felt it all and in some circumstances, more than one should ever have to endure. I have also been close to happiness…so close and yet something was missing. Something just wasn’t hitting on exactly what it was that made me feel complete. I was so ‘lost’ out there that I had searched in other churches/religions but the LDS church had never occurred to me. I certainly wasn’t against if for I really didn’t know anything about it.  When I learned of the LDS church and seen for my own self how they worship God, believe in the second coming of Christ, partake in the sacrament, belief in the ten commandments, baptism, the Holy Bible and not to mention how seriously they take family values and marriage…..well, I had finally found where I belong. I prayed about this and asked God to show me if this is where He wants me to be. I did not ask anyone else but God. He revealed that to me and showed me because only God can give you the answers you are seeking and especially those questions about your relationship with Him and what that looks like.  I now know and believe that there is more that God wants us to know and share. What is so wrong with that? You can never get too much of God’s word or stop learning!! I am passionate about this and how can anyone know my testimony, see my past, see me now and not say that God is working in my life? I am being obedient to His word and He is blessing me beyond measure. Isn’t that what we are called to do anyway? Be obedient?  Why yes…yes it sure is! God did not say it would be easy but He said to stay obedient to His word and He will bless us.  I don’t believe that all I have been through was in vain….nope, I don’t believe that one bit. I do believe that it is so that I could come to this place in my life where I am able to share with others. I never thought I would be like this…so in love with God and understanding His plan for me. I have to tell you, it feels AH-MAY-ZING!!

If you don’t understand where I am coming from, I encourage you to seek out God’s word and ask Him to help you with that. If you are not a believer or if you think I have just lost my mind then I am okay with that too. I think it is really cool to be the one to stand out and not follow the mainstream of society on every little thing. I don’t like being conditioned like that. It is boring….lol.  I still love those who have walked away from me and I will continue to pray for them. May your days be brightened, your eyes opened and your heart filled with love ❤

Love, Hugs & Smiles


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