Expecting The Unexpected In Life And Love

Our journey in this lifetime takes on so many different forms of this great expedition we are on. Each day of my life, I begin it with the thought of, ‘Today something may change, something may stay the same but whatever the circumstances, I will embrace the day with my whole heart, mind and soul because after all, I love myself enough to give myself the very best.’.

Circumstances, situations, people and choices. These are some of the biggest influences in our lives. It is how we drift toward those who we want to be around. As for me,  I reflect on the people I have in my life, the one’s I let go of and the one’s I choose to let close to me. Being the social butterfly who’s life is an open book, there are still some parts of my life that I only let a few people know and see. If you are one of them, it’s not by chance…it is because I love and care about you enough to share it with you.

Guarding your heart and the things you hold as sacred treasure within, is not always easy to share with someone. What if we put up walls or found ways (subconsciously) to keep anyone at bay who doesn’t seem worthy enough to enter the sacred thoughts of your mind and soul? We are all guilty of that process regardless of who we are dealing with…or are we? Maybe we meet someone or know of someone from our past who allows us the inner power to tear down those walls. Crazy how that all happens. You are thinking ‘Pinch me. Please. Tell me this is not a dream. I have been waiting for so long to be rescued from this life that leaves me lonely.’

There are times in our lives that the heavens line up perfectly with the stars…even before we knew the master plan. Time, distance and your past all come together in some weird, unexplainable cosmic way. Do we question it? Do we run from it? Do we run to it? Do we embrace it or do we just stand still and watch it unfold with no hesitation? My thought process is that we just let it be exactly what it is…for that moment, however long it last. Silently, you are praying it last a lifetime because it feels good to trust, to love, to share with someone something that you hold so sacred to your heart.

So is with love. Such a dreaded word for some and even as I have spent a good amount of time as a single, career woman raising a family, even I have dreaded hearing that word at times yet I longed for the true meaning of it. What does it ever mean anyway? It has been said to me throughout times of my life, only to end in a broken heart. Interesting enough, it doesn’t stop me from loving. It only makes me search for it even more…even when you think you are not searching for it.

This is what I have learned about love. I have learned that we can not control any of it. Not one sector of it can we control. Life happens, love happens and when they do, we just hold onto them at that very moment, based on how it makes it feel. We may learn something from it and we may not understand any of it. Do we really need to question it? I don’t think so. My heart tells me to open up, allow these moments to flow through me like a river that has just busted the dam and let it guide me to where I am going. As the years have come along, I have learned to approach everything with an open mind, an open heart and the ability to find my own happiness even in the midst of a moment, situation or circumstance less appealing.

“The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time”

Encounters that happen unexpectedly, then become what you think is a memory, will be the one’s you hold closest in your heart. I think every individual has their own secrets of the heart. It is what makes us who we are and shapes us for those life experiences even more. I know this young woman who shared with me her own love story. It was one that she really didn’t want to share it with anyone just yet because she wanted to enjoy the moments all to herself. It was hers to keep close to her, to keep in her private life and to enjoy it without any outside influence for awhile. She wanted to wrap herself up in the reality that what was once a dream to her, is now her real life happiness. She met a handsome young man years ago who seemed to capture her attention from the moment their paths crossed. Their conversations were interesting, never dull and full of laughter. They had a connection. They shared a moment in time. She told me that as she had a special place in her heart for him, that time, distance and different path’s of the years kept them apart. She wondered about him many, many times and she said he would tell her the same thing. As the years rolled along and with today’s technology, they were able to reconnect again. Finding each other in different situations, different places and yet the connection was still there and still strong. Over some time, she shared with me that the two were falling in love with each other. They were making plans to be together, to share their dreams, their passion for the love they both long for and most importantly, they both wanted it to be genuine. They were tired of the false hopes, the endless times of being let down by life’s circumstances but each managed to still cling onto the pursuit of love.The last time I spoke to my friend, she and this gentleman are making life happen as a beautiful couple. They remind me of a flower, buried underneath the winter’s blanket…waiting to emerge when the spring comes as a beautiful, strong and colorful bloom. Their stories are of such levels of sacrifice (on many different levels) but they both have a strong bond when it comes to knowing how to love and how to give love.

So yes, I guess life happens unexpectedly, love happens unexpectedly and so does falling in love. I like to believe that there is a true love out there for everyone.  True love and happiness is no accident even when we stumble across it. God know’s what He is doing with you and He knows the direction He is sending you. I am inspired by my friends love story. I can see how it makes her feel, how her face lights up when she talks about him and it’s such a beautiful, cherished thing that she holds sacred to her heart. I guess the pieces of their lives finally make sense in their own way that only they can understand. I think that is beautiful.

If you are reading this, my wish for you is that you feel inspired by life, by love and you never let the circumstances that surround you keep you from loving someone with 100% of all you have. Open your heart, open your mind and you will open a new chapter of your life.

Peace, Love & Hugs 🙂



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