Knowing The True Value Of A Moment

I am a little late writing this blog post so I do apologize. With our new move, taking care of my family and work schedule, it’s just been really busy but I wanted to share with you whats been inspiring me lately and hopefully it can inspire you too!

On one of my recent flights, I was working the B-FA position (the main cabin of the plane) and it was a full flight, just after the Christmas holidays. As always, I am assisting the passengers and getting them settled for departure. Once we were in flight and and had finished our beverage service, I noticed something going on among a row of passengers. They were all family…two twin sisters and their spouses. As I approached, I noticed that the one sister was in a medical situation. She was having a mild seizure. As I assisted the family in a quiet and calm demeanor, I was very impressed with the level of calmness, care and attentiveness that was being given to the one sister. I could see how much her family has been deeply engaged in taking care of her when this happens. They did not need me to have the plane diverted, they did not need medical assistance once on the ground. They totally knew what to do and even had a cool, little device that can help detect a seizure (this one just happened to sneak up on them, unfortunately). My job as a flight attendant is to use my training but it goes beyond that when you are dealing with a medical. You have to access the needs of the passenger, assist the passenger and their family, respect the wishes of the family who has first hand knowledge of taking care of their loved one and you go from there…and that is what I did. Not only did I let my training guide me first, but I also let my heart guide me once I knew what the plan of action was. Compassion is easy when you have an understanding of humility.

This was about respecting the family, having compassion for the passenger who was going through this situation and being there for them. Not just being a presence to say ‘I am here for you’ but REALLY being there for them. That means staying calm, acting expeditiously yet quietly, giving them the dignity  and space they clearly needed, monitoring them the rest of the flight, letting my crew know the situation and what my passengers wishes were and assuring the family that I am there for them for any type of other assistance. All this while I take care of the rest of the main cabin as well. Not all medicals require a big scene or to bring a lot of attention to the passenger because they can range on so many different levels….you have to know that and you have to make a judgement call up there.

IMG_0272 “You have no idea what you are capable of until you try”

After this lovely young woman begin to come around, know her surroundings again, I was able to have a wonderful conversation with her and her family in a more in depth manner. We knew each others names and I talked with them about life, love and family.  We had a little connection so as we shared stories, I told them  how I write about life’s experience in my blog post. They asked for the information so they too can read! I had their permission to write about them in my blog and how their dedication for each other was inspiring to see because on a personal level, I see that as well with some of my other interactions with people who are close to me.

It is no secret that I am not that close to my own family. It’s a story that has been submerged in many years of this life of mine. I know that I love them unconditionally and I hope they know that. One would think my heart would be a tad bitter because of it but that is the opposite of what I feel and certainly not who I am no matter what life throws at me. My heart really understands the true value of a moment no matter how tough it can be or how easy it is. When you finally can clear your mind and open your eyes to the things that surround you on a daily basis, you see those moments so easily….just like seeing the love among the family on my flight. Those are the moments that can teach you something without saying a word.

I have become close to someone whom I love and care about a lot. I see their unselfish acts of love for their own family, the sacrifices they make, and it really continues to inspire me to keep trying with my own family. I watch in awe as they continuously, day after day keep pushing forward no matter how tough it may seem. That kind of dedication is one that can only come from someone who has the most epic understanding of humility and love. It is people like them, whom I rather learn from. I admire that kind of strength for it is rare, priceless and certainly not taken for granted. As for myself, I take nothing for granted…even when these kind of people are placed in my life by God. I choose to find the value in the moment, to embrace what’s given to me. There is nothing more cherished than when you can hold something like that close to your heart.


That kind of dedication is one that can only come from someone who has the most epic understanding of humility and love.”

What is the value in the moments you experience in your life? Are you using them for the good in life or do you just shrug them off? I challenge you to seek those kind of moments and nurture them.

Peace, love & hugs 🙂





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