I Am Running Out Of Fuel, How About You?


A few times I have sat down to write in my blog but the words just couldn’t seem to flow from my brain to the tips of my fingers and through the keyboard. That is frustrating for someone like me who enjoys writing. My mind, my thoughts are deeper than most and when I write, it is how I cope with life.

So here I sit in a chilly, fall evening with a million thoughts running through my head. The most significant of these is how once again, I am tired of social media. A few months back I wrote a blog on how I was tired of it – all of it and so I challenged myself to walk away from social media. I did. It was short-lived and not as long as I wanted it to be.

Months later, after being back on social media, I find myself once again wanting to walk away from it. Honestly folks, it is daunting to look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and even Pintrest has become clogged with junk sometimes. I see so much hate, negative behaviors, lack of morals, keyboard warriors, people cursing out others that they don’t even know – it is depressing to say the least.

Where does this leave me now? It leaves me being disappointed in society, to which we all play a part. It leaves me frustrated that there is so much lack of common sense. It leaves me annoyed with people in general. It leaves me wanting to bury my head in my hands and walk away again. All I want to do is listen to my favorite music, daydream about my life goals, how I can make them happen sooner and what can I do next to push myself further.

What keeps me coming back? That is a good question. Maybe because by nature I am a curious person. I am drawn to things that allow people to connect in ways that you normally wouldn’t. I don’t do online dating so that is not a normal way to connect with others, if you must know. I am an old-fashioned soul who values real life connections, face to face. Conversations of depth and meaning. I can’t do mundane or boring. It is not my style and it never has been.

Going into a new season of life, I am going to do my best to stay away from the endless and often daunting post of Facebook and other social media. I haven’t even been on snapchat for days now. I have lost that interest. My mind wonders to other places that need more attention such as my family, my home life, my adult responsibilities such as cleaning my house or running errands – not scrolling through meaningless post that produces no productivity or added value to my daily life. For awhile, I have noticed that when I post things of substance on my Facebook, no one even likes it. I posted recently about my stance on how I feel strongly about pornography and how it fuels the sex trafficking industry, for people to get help, stop the demand by not clicking. No one, not a soul even seemed to acknowledge that post. Later I posted something about one of my kids and people were all over it. It truly made me question our world and WHHHYYYYY are we not talking about the important things? Why are we not discussing the topics people tend to feel are taboo? What are people afraid of? I don’t get it. None of it. It is depressing.

I guess the question now is, how long will I be able to do this? You know, leaving social media/stepping back. I have no idea. I am going to try though. My mind is tired. My thoughts are endless. I am no longer feeling an interest in what others do. Maybe this will last, maybe it won’t. I am sure I can’t be alone out there in this media world. If you are feeling as I am (or any sort of way close to what I feel), I do suggest that you too step away. If you can’t step away from all of it, then at least reduce how much you expose yourself to.

“When you begin to feel like this dude looks, it’s time to disconnect”

If you are like me, I do wish you the best in the journey to step back from social media. It is a vicious cycle and we are all keeping the cycle fueled. I don’t know about you but I am running out of fuel.


Peace, Love & Hugs

Christian ♥


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