When The Season’s Change

“When I feel the season’s changing and the tides of life are turning, I am on a more heightened awareness about myself. I become extremely focused and determined to transition with a sense of peace – even when it may not be in my favor.” … More When The Season’s Change


I Talk To Plants….And God

“Just because I am a Christian, does not mean for one moment that I do not get lost in my walk with God. It does not mean that I am immune to problems that weigh me down. What it does mean is that I am able to find my way to God again because one thing is for certain, no matter where I am in life, no matter how bad I think things are – HE DOES NOT LEAVE YOU. I may leave Him but He never leaves me. ” … More I Talk To Plants….And God

Two Sides That Fight Each Other and Why I Love Them Both

Depression. No one wants to talk about it anymore. No one wants to recognize it. The labels, the talk behind your back, the solitude and comfort it brings. It is a very complex, self environment that digs deep within the walls of your very being. The darkness can be overcome by the smiles and the … More Two Sides That Fight Each Other and Why I Love Them Both