Welcome to my blog! My name is Christian and I am a small-town girl raised in the south, lived in the city for several years and recently moved back to my hometown to be closer to my parents. I spend my time flying to destinations across the USA, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico. I work for a regional airline and I love every aspect of my job. Even on the craziest and most annoying days, I still love it.

I was brought up barefoot, loving the beach, spending summers with my grandma, going to vacation bible school, learning about God and being chased with a fly swatter because I did something I wasn’t suppose!

My most favorite thing in life is being a mom to my three amazing kids. I become a mom at a young age so I have grown up with them. My daddy has always said that the kids have raised me but I really think we have raised each other…lol.   As I guide them in life, I find they teach me more about myself and about life as well. There is never a dull moment when we are all together. We enjoy the simple things in life and we take it a day at the time.

I love to inspire people, to encourage them to see the good in everything and to share with them that life is a beautiful gift that God gives us daily. Treasure it, embrace it and never waste it. I am real, raw, painfully honest and quick witted.

Thank you for wanting to be inspired and for allowing me the opportunity to share my world with you. As you read my blog, you will get an in depth feeling of the rawness of my life, the honesty that comes with doing what I do, who I am and the compassion I feel for humanity. In a world where social media can hinder the real person behind the keyboard, I want to show the world a realistic, inside view of the emotions that come with being a woman who wears the many hats of life.

Peace, Love & Hugs

Christian ♥


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