Vessels Along The Journey of Life

“As I looked out on the ocean from the view of the pier, I seen a small vessel out on the water. Alone. It was surrounded by darker clouds and a small hint of sunshine peeked through the clouds above. It was such a mesmerizing scene because the water seemed so smooth. The vessel was calm. The breeze lightly helped to sway the small vessel back and forth.” … More Vessels Along The Journey of Life


I Talk To Plants….And God

“Just because I am a Christian, does not mean for one moment that I do not get lost in my walk with God. It does not mean that I am immune to problems that weigh me down. What it does mean is that I am able to find my way to God again because one thing is for certain, no matter where I am in life, no matter how bad I think things are – HE DOES NOT LEAVE YOU. I may leave Him but He never leaves me. ” … More I Talk To Plants….And God

The Healing Powers of Music

“My earliest memory of loving music was when I was a small child and I would attend vacation bible school at my grandmothers church in a small, rural part of North Carolina. She would play the piano and I enjoyed nothing more than watching her play that piano like she had oil on her fingers.  Her delicate but worn,loving hands would glide across all the piano keys so eloquently. It was mesmerizing to me. She could play any church hymn you requested but it wasn’t just about her ability to play, it was her outward expression of how much joy and happiness she received from it.” … More The Healing Powers of Music

Flight Attendant Pay and Why It’s Not What You Think It Is

You see all the photos on social media of flight attendants going to some really cool destinations. We share food photos while dining in cool restaurants, we show you beautiful swimming pools that we sit by and brag how we are getting paid to lounge (which isn’t a total wash) and we share openly our … More Flight Attendant Pay and Why It’s Not What You Think It Is