My Determination, My Drive……

nolimitsNo matter what you tell yourself, we all go through some kind of life changing event that can be scary because you are not sure of what is down the road with this change. I have always been a free spirit, fly by the seat of my pants, go with the flow kind of gal. Whenever I thought I had enough of something, I just move on. There is opportunity around the corner everywhere you look…you just have to look for it.

For me, my opportunity come when I was hired on with the airline and finally reached that dream job of being a flight attendant and going to training. Little did I know about the complete lifestyle change that would come with it because we ALL think we know something so well at some point. You have been there before…right?  If I liked being free spirited and flying by the seat of my pants, they sure have a way of grooming me to do that on a professional level! That really hit home my first day in training.

I have been to training before but come home due to reasons beyond my control and I am so thankful that it is all working out for the good and I am going back. I have started counting the days and they seem to just keep creeping up on me as the clock ticks down.

Today I started finally packing my luggage to head back to In-Flight Training with the airline. I have stared at that darn piece of luggage for days, choosing things from my closet and then throwing it in the luggage. I am not sure if I thought it would pack itself or what I was thinking. I just knew that I needed each and every item I was hurling out my closet like it was a one dollar sale and items were limited. Why was I doing this? I have been before, I know what to wear, what the compliance rules are. Quickly I stopped, laughed at myself and said its simple “I am a woman”.

Now that half my closet is in my luggage, I begin to carefully choose the items that I knew were easy to laundry, easy to wear and diverse with many other outfits. Taking the ones I decided not to pack and keeping the ones I did. I then began to roll them military style. I learned this technique from my son who does it so well thanks to his JROTC training. I never knew how much extra I could get in there but I had to stop with the clothes…I need space for other items.

So here I am, waiting to do something each day to prepare for ‘take off’. I have made so many friends along the way who understand where I am in this journey. Along with this new life changing career for me, comes a pressure to be successful. The importance to do this career and do it well is more than I could even begin to tell you. The kids are counting on me as well so this drives me even more fiercely but yet focused.

It takes hard work, dedication and a desire to make the sacrifices that flight attendants make for this career. We all know it is not for the money and at times, they will tell you the only thing glamorous about the career itself is walking through the airport with your luggage while people look at you. This is so true and I have heard it straight from the horses mouth…lol.  I have spent many times admiring how well put together these ladies and gentleman are…and now, I get to be one of them.

I am looking forward to going back and seeing my instructors, meeting my new friends face to face and getting my wings. To some people, they may not know how important those wings are to a flight attendant but I can tell you, its more than the shine. Those wings represent sacrifice, hard work, long hours, compassion, empathy and love. You cant do this career if you don’t have all of those things to drive you.

My determination comes from within and it is something no one can take away from me. I am smart, I am funny, I am responsible and I am also human. Going to training this time means I get a second chance in my life after being so sick. I have a new perspective about the way things work and most importantly how God works. As I have said before, I am a believer and that will never change.  I am where I am by the choices I have made but I am also still here by God’s grace and love.

I have six days left and then my life starts this new journey. Although I have been on this journey before, it has a different meaning this time. I am looking forward to sharing with you the experiences along the way. People may disappoint me along the way and it happens but there is no greater disappointment than knowing I let my kids down so for you guys…this is all for you!

Love, Hugs & Smiles


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