Who or What Do You See When You Look At Others?

imagesCA24GGG0Sometimes when I blog about something, it comes to me in spurts. Other times, it just hits me hard. Previously,  I was in the Crew Room here at my base airport, I turned on the TV and the preacher on the air was talking from Mark Chapter 5. I had never heard this story and the more I listened, the more I knew God was revealing to me what he wanted me to do with some of the circumstances in my life.

The book of Mark Chapter 5 is about how Jesus restores a demon possessed man, heals a sick woman and raises a dead girl. The most interesting thing to me was how this demon possessed man was treated. His name was Legion and here is the story :

5 They went across the lake to the region of the Gerasenes. 2When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an impure spirit came from the tombs to meet him. This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain. For he had often been chained hand and foot, but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.

When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. He shouted at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? In God’s name don’t torture me!” For Jesus had said to him, “Come out of this man, you impure spirit!”

Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”

“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” 10 And he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.

11 A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. 12 The demons begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.” 13 He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned.

14 Those tending the pigs ran off and reported this in the town and countryside, and the people went out to see what had happened. 15 When they came to Jesus, they saw the man who had been possessed by the legion of demons, sitting there, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid. 16 Those who had seen it told the people what had happened to the demon-possessed man—and told about the pigs as well. 17 Then the people began to plead with Jesus to leave their region.

18 As Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon-possessed begged to go with him. 19 Jesus did not let him, but said, “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” 20 So the man went away and began to tell in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him. And all the people were amazed.”

Now, I really don’t know how this man named Legion got like he was. I just know that when he seen Jesus, he was afraid that he was going to be tortured again. We know that Jesus wasn’t going to do that but I guess this poor guy had been treated so badly by others and had lived in this binding lifestyle of demons for so long that he wasn’t sure what to think anymore. The thing I see that was the most awesome about this story was that when Jesus seen Legion, he seen a man. A child of God whom He had compassion for. Jesus didn’t see the wounds, the brokenness but he seen a man…not a creature as the people of this town seen him. Jesus knew he had a need so he healed this man and set him free from those demons. When the word got out, the people come to see Legion and found him dressed and in his right mind. It scared those folks to pieces! I guess they were afraid of something they had not witnessed themselves?? I don’t really know what the problem was but they sure weren’t exciting or praising what had happened. They actually told Jesus to leave!!! Oh good Lord, I could not imagine telling Jesus to leave but these people did. Jesus went to get back in the boat, Legion begged to go with Him but Jesus told him not to do that. To go and tell the people how much the Lord  has done for him.

Compassion is how God looks at us. It’s how we should look at others as well. I see people put others down all the time and I don’t understand it. Why? What is the pay off in the end? Do we even have that right? No, we don’t. We should not slander others, be critical or judge….and not because you are told it is wrong but because the cross should be a reminder each time you look at it, that God made the ultimate sacrifice by giving His son so why would we not want to be Christ like?

So where am I going with all of this?  My point is that we should not see people with their circumstances, race, color, religion or even by the size of their bank account or the type of car they drive, house they live in or the clothes on their backs. We should see people as just that…people. We all have something going on in our lives. Some of it on a deeper level than others because in reality, we all handle things differently. When one gets to the point where they trust God and come to Him with their needs, to get on their knees in prayer, to share with others what the Heavenly Father has done for them….then how can that be so bad? I have the opportunity to do that with several people lately who have asked me about being Mormon. Well, first of all…they don’t realize I am Mormon. They just start talking to me and see that I have the Holy Spirit inside of me. It is only then they are like ‘You are Mormon? Wow! I have never talked to a Mormon before….you are normal!!” Hahahaha…yes, Mormon’s are very normal and very much everyday people who happen to love God!! I am more of a complete person since I have found my way than ever before. I LOVE sharing with others what  Jesus Christ has done for me. I love that they see me as a person first…a person who is constantly in a walk with our Heavenly Father.  I am not afraid to share my experiences, my short comings or to even say I was wrong. What I am afraid of is that I wont be able to take all the time to let others know about the blessing in my life. I am always talking and sharing what Jesus Christ has done in my life. It is really fun and exciting to share what all He has done for me!!! I will not be one who chooses not to share with someone because they may look different from me or because they don’t have the same lifestyle as I do or simply because I am afraid of being rejected. That does not matter to me at all. I want to be Christ like and that is hard to do sometimes. It is not as easy but I do try. I am human. I get upset, I cry, I ask for forgiveness and I know that God will carry me through…just like He will carry you!

My life is coming together very nicely. It is not always easy as I have stated before but I know where my heart is and that is with God. I am saddened that others feel that because I chose to worship differently, they may  think that I am not filled with God’s love or that I do not know the Holy Spirit because it’s the total opposite. I am in love with God!! Those people are really missing out on a lot but I still love them and wish nothing but happiness and blessings their way. God took a broken hearted woman with trials like you wouldn’t believe and He turned all that around. I often felt like Legion…trapped, alone, like no one understood me and abandoned but Jesus Christ come along and through Him, I have been able to find that peace with my Heavenly Father. I am a very blessed woman in more ways than I can count. People have always told me to just be myself. For once in my life, I am doing just that. I am on a journey that I know can only be put together by God and when people look at me, I hope they see that. I hope they don’t see what my religion is, what my age is, how many kids I have or what relationship I am in and most importantly, what mistakes I have made along the way. I want them to see Christ living in me because it really changes things in your life. It’s as simple as that. I know that we all fall short in some way or another but it’s not my place or yours to judge anyone. It is our place however to love, care and be an outward example of what Christ would want us to do.

When I look at others, I see people who have a need. We all have them but those needs are on different levels. I don’t judge them and I don’t try to analyze their lives for that is not my job.  I just want people to be happy, to realize that all we need is just more love, kindness, compassion and understanding. You really can not go wrong with that! See the person, not the circumstances because life happens to all of us.


Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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