In-Flight Training, Day 13

13Oh my word! Monday’s have new meaning when it comes to In-flight training…LOL. It has been a really nice day though. I started with a drill this morning and passed with 100% accuracy which made me have an awesome day 🙂 I often surprise myself when I have to do these drills. I really get so nervous and its such a tense moment. I will say that all the instructors are so nice and really help put you at ease as you begin. They know what we are feeling, what we go through so they do their best to help reassure us before we begin. This morning I had an opportunity to take a few deep breaths before I started but I said naaaa…lets just let it all go with one long wind…HAHAHA!

I am a really serious person when it comes to my work but how I deal with stress is that I find humor so that I can laugh to keep from crying. It is my coping mechanism when I am trying to not focus so hard on what if I don’t pass or what if I mess up. I am very hard on myself when it comes to this stuff. I was never the best study person in school. I was way too busy socializing. True story.

I am thankful to have my daddy and momma to talk to every day to help push me along. The kids have been extra, super supportive and we are excited to take our first little trip when I get home (depending on schedule). I still try to pinch myself that all this is real. It is not the easiest industry in the world to enter into. I am thankful that the recruiter seen something in me and my resume to want to invite me to training and offer me the job. I feel very honored and blessed in more ways than one!

Someone asked me about food here…if they feed us. No. They did for 4 July holiday but that is it. Oh, we did have ice cream sodas one day but I don’t like those but others said it was good. I will say that I am tired of sandwiches so we try to find varieties here and there. I can tell you that it is so hard to stay healthy when you are limited. I ate at Arby’s the other day and oh my word…I felt so sick afterwards. Denny’s too. So for me, it is back to banana sandwiches, tomato sandwiches, humus, cheese, crackers, pop-tarts, nilla wafers with peanut butter, bagels and cereal. Going to the gym? Hahahahahahahahaha….and haha. Yes, my intentions were good but after 10-13 hour days in class, all you wanna do is lift yourself to the bed and that’s it. I am looking forward to finding my balance once I am done with training.

We have another big exam in the morning. I have found myself a comfy little corner on the couch here in my room. It just snuggles me perfectly and allows me to get the things done that I need to get done. I have been studying and multitasking since I got out of class. I want to do my best on this exam tomorrow but it is a lot of information. I am almost dreading the final exam with all the information we have studied. That sucker may just take an entire 4 hours…lol. I sure hope my humor does not become a reality!

I must go now and prepare my clothes, my backpack and such for class tomorrow. We have a lot to still cover this week so I do need my sleep. I am headed to bed soon with my materials with me. Maybe if I sleep with them, I can absorb extra via osmosis…hahaha.

Ya’ll take care and I will be back tomorrow to update you. I do hope you are enjoying my reads because I do enjoy sharing with you my journey!

Love, Hugs & Smiles 🙂


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